Thesis (faculty of economics)

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the dissertation on economics, regardless of the industry, requires the investment of time and effort. When doing a dissertation in economics independently, it is very important to consult with the supervisor in order to get answers to questions that will certainly arise in the process of doing the work.

Of course, the independent writing of a thesis does the honor to the author, who will devote enough time to research and invest all her strength in obtaining a scientific degree.

A special feature of the thesis on economics is the principle of writing, since it is necessary to analyze and substantiate scientific facts that can act as the basis for future research. When writing a thesis, it is necessary to be guided by a pre-worked plan that can greatly facilitate the research process. Having a clear plan of action in front of you, which can change in the process of conducting a study, you can follow to the intended goal and not stray from a given course. The plan is also necessary so that the structural units of the dissertation are comparable with each other and correspond to the topic. An important feature is that the thesis on economics requires a detailed analysis of current problems and new sources from this area. While working on a thesis, you will also need to analyze data that is relevant at the time of the preparation of the thesis. This analysis is important to carry out taking into account existing laws in the economic sphere. After these actions are completed, a specific concept will appear, which should contain the urgency of the problem.

Another feature of the dissertation on economics is scientific novelty. The results obtained on the basis of the work must necessarily find their application in practice.

Next is the study of the passport specialty. This is necessary to ensure that the conducted research fits into the scientific field; otherwise, the thesis will not be admitted for defense, since the subject of the defense will be irrelevant.

The next step is the formulation of the object of study, which can also be defined in the passport of specialties. The definition of the object of study is a mandatory requirement, which is performed in the process of writing an introduction to the thesis and the abstract. For example, the object of the study may be economic ties that are necessary for models of the economic mechanism, methods of production, stages of development; experience of economic activities in the framework of systems, countries, industries, regions, which fully reveal the features of economic processes, relations.

Next comes the definition of the subject of research, which is in close dependence on the object, or rather it is its integral part. As the subject can be the properties of the object, internal connections. After the main stages of the work have been carried out, one can proceed to the preparation of the concept, that is, the presentation of the main research parameters by the author. On the basis of the finished concept, a dissertation plan is drawn up that is approved by the head. Then you can start writing the text of the dissertation. The material is presented from a third party, arranged in chapters. It is important to separate in the text the introduction, the main text with calculations, tables or graphic material, the conclusions of the chapter. In conclusion, an analysis of the results is carried out, and recommendations for implementation are offered. The bibliography is formed as references appear in the dissertation. The thesis is issued on the basis of the requirements for printing.

After the dissertation is ready, the abstract is written for it and is submitted for examination to the dissertation council. After obtaining permission, protection is assigned, which necessarily has a public character and is held in the form of a discussion. The method of secret voting on the results of the performance, the author receives a scientific degree.