Thesis in the form of a scientific report

A kind of scientific work, which is submitted to the defense of a degree, is a dissertation in the form of a scientific report. The scientific report assumes that the author has published scientific papers that have proven themselves in the scientific community.

An applicant may submit a dissertation for defense, a scientific report, which is prepared on the basis of methodological aids used in the practical activities of an educational institution.

The thesis in the form of a report includes a theoretical synthesis of data and analysis of the results obtained after the study and published in scientific papers. The determination of the practical significance of the results and the possibility of their application in practice are also carried out.

The scientific report contains the scientific concept developed by the author, which was personally developed by the author. The scientific report does not require the writing of the abstract, but is sent as an abstract. A scientific report is not prepared by applicants who have completed graduate school and have scientific supervisors. This type of dissertation is intended for a doctoral degree.

The works for which the dissertation is being prepared must comply with the requirement of compliance for a contribution to science, in particular, for a PhD degree, a private solution of the problem is necessary.

There is an opinion that a scientific report is much easier to write than a manuscript, but this is true only for those authors who in the process of scientific activity turned into mature scientists and do not apply to authors who do not have sufficient experience in the field of study. If the author did not work on scientific articles, does not have published publications, then in the process of dissertation he will have to be very difficult, because they will have to constantly adjust their work and eliminate shortcomings and errors. The volume of such work is much harder than systematic writing a thesis in the form of a manuscript.

Speaking about the structure of a scientific report, it is necessary to bear in mind that it has a classical hierarchy, with the only exception that it contains less rubrication, thus, the thesis is compact. The scientific report on the presentation is similar to the author’s abstract of the thesis, and the novelty, the significance of the results obtained is achieved in the same ways. But the scientific report should contain a list of works by other scientific authors to compare the results obtained and formulate conclusions.

As for the content of the scientific report, it depends on the maturity of the author, practical skills in the area under study. At the same time there are several approaches that have extremes. The first extreme is positive, and characterizes the author as an accomplished scientist. The report is quite informative, reveals information about the work and has a reasonable assessment of the problem under study. The second extreme is negative, and characterizes the scientist as a certain level that has not yet been reached. The scientific report, as a rule, contains only conclusions and is based on the documents that were developed with the participation of the author. But this approach eliminates the presentation of recommendations, which is the qualification basis of the thesis. As a result of the examination of such a report, it can be revealed that the results could have been obtained using theoretical propositions or practical data that have nothing to do with scientific qualifications.

The thesis in the form of a report involves the formulation of its own point of view, relating to something between two extremes. That is why the dissertation is recommended for protection only by experienced scientists who are engaged in research in this field for quite a long time.